Empower Initiative is a capacity building organization focused on increasing belongingness within influential companies, police and public health departments, and faith/philanthropic organizations. From 1 day sessions, to multi day retreats, to consulting work with your team; Empower promises a highly facilitated experience that leaves participants more readied to master complex relationships across difference, creating a culture of belonging.


The Trust Through Reform project (H.E.A.T. Campaign) is an effort to increase the peace in California by transforming the public safety system into one everybody can trust by reforming policies around hiring, equipment, accountability, and training. By elevating the stories of community members and those sworn to protect them, we will reform our current systems leading to the transformation of our relationship. We are looking forward to expanding across the country in 2020.


Black Brown Gun Violence Prevention Consortium - The Black and Brown Gun Violence Prevention Consortium serves as the conduit to identify, assess, and coordinate strategies in communities impacted by the cycle of violence. Rather than infiltrate cities with one size fits all methodologies, the BBGVPC is responsive by implementing or expanding grassroots approaches that integrate local champions, align local resources, and garner political will in order to build safe and sustainable communities.


PICO California supports grassroots organizing which enables people of faith to build power to reshape their lives and their communities. Our network of organizations trains leaders and equips them with tools to fight racism and build a more equitable and just society. PICO California is the largest multi-racial faith-based community-organizing network in the state connecting and leveraging the power of the people to impact broad systemic change. Motivated by various prophetic traditions, we ground our civic action and demands for change in moral and ethical principles. We use a relationship-based organizing model to develop leadership and build capacity for civic engagement in communities throughout California.

LIVE FREE - A campaign led by hundreds of faith leaders and congregations across the country who are committed to ending the mass criminalization of people of color using our Body, our Ballot and our Bucks. Our work focuses on: (1) scaling up public health and community centered gun violence prevention programs in urban communities; (2) dismantling the systems that sustain and lead to the mass incarceration of black and brown people; (3) ending voter suppression and restoring the voting rights of those formerly incarcerated (4) increasing economic vitality for those directly impacted through guaranteed income and guaranteed opportunities strategies.