Ben McBride


No Spoon

In the movie, The Matrix, we find an interesting scene where a prodigy engages a seeker, named Neo, who is full of potential to change the world, but unaware of it. As the prodigy supposedly bends a spoon with his mind, he challenges Neo to recognize the truth that the spoon isn't bending, but rather it is Neo who is bending, because...

There is no spoon.

When facing obvious limitations and barriers, as seekers of truth and justice, we must ask ourselves whether we will exert the majority of our energy on trying to change things, using outdated thinking and practices; or whether we will become infectiously curious and courageously imaginative so as to take the risks that are needed to bring social innovation that is restorative and redemptive.

When we realize that there is no scarcity, but rather countless opportunities to see differently, we will discover the present abundance found in each other.

So may we not become hypnotized by that which seems to garner our attention, and may we lean into the margin leading to curiosity, imagination, and risk-taking building a better world.